Creative Ways to Style an Empty Fireplace in Your Home

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7 min readApr 1, 2023

An empty fireplace can be an eyesore in a room, but it also presents an opportunity to get creative with your home decor. Whether you have a non-functioning fireplace or one only used seasonally, there are plenty of ways to style it and turn it into a beautiful focal point in your home.

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Fill it with Candles

One way to style an empty fireplace is to fill it with candles. Choose candles of varying heights and colors to create visual interest, and use candle holders that complement the style of your fireplace. You can also use battery-operated candles for a safer option.

One creative way to style an empty fireplace is to fill it with candles. Candles can add warmth and ambiance to any space and are perfect for a no longer used fireplace. You can fill the entire fireplace with candles of varying sizes and colors or place them strategically to create a more minimalist look. Consider placing candlesticks or candelabras in the fireplace for an added touch of elegance. It will add height and depth to the display, making it a true focal point in your room. Be sure to use non-drip candles and keep them away from any flammable materials to ensure safety. With this simple and affordable idea, you can transform your empty fireplace into a cozy and inviting space in your home.

Hang a Mirror

A large mirror can be a great way to fill an empty fireplace and add depth to your room. The reflection will also help to make your space feel larger and more open.

Another creative way to style an empty fireplace is to hang a mirror. A mirror can functionally reflect light and make the room appear brighter and larger, but it can also add an interesting visual element to the space. Consider a large, ornate mirror to make a bold statement or a collection of smaller mirrors in different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look. You can also experiment with the placement of the mirror — hang it above the mantel or lean it against the back of the fireplace for a more relaxed vibe.

Install a TV

If you’re looking for a method to incorporate your television into your living room without it taking over the space, consider installing it inside your fireplace. It is a great way to use space while keeping your TV out of the way when it’s not in use.

One creative way to style an empty fireplace is by installing a TV. With the rise of streaming services and binge-watching, more and more people opt to have a TV in their living space. Installing a TV in an empty fireplace is a great way to use the space while creating a cozy entertainment area. Various mounting options are available for TVs, including flat mounts and swivel mounts. Choosing the right size and placement for the TV is important so it doesn’t overpower the room or become an eyesore. You may also want to consider adding additional decors, such as a floating shelf or some plants, to balance the space and make it feel.

Fill the Fireplace with Books

Another option is to fill the fireplace with books. Stack them neatly and top them with a decorative object like a vase or sculpture. It creates a cozy and inviting reading book.

Another creative way to style an empty fireplace is to fill it with books. It works particularly well if the fireplace is in a library or reading room. Stack books of different sizes and colors in various directions, creating a visually interesting display. You can arrange them symmetrically for a neater look or stack them haphazardly for a more casual feel. It is a great way to use an empty fireplace while incorporating your love of literature into your home decor. Switching up the display with different books and colors is easy, depending on your mood or the season.

Add decorative bookends or mix in other decorative items, such as vases or sculptures, to add texture and dimension. Additionally, you can switch out the books periodically to keep the display fresh and interesting.

Use it as a Wine Cellar

If you love wine, why not turn your empty fireplace into a stylish wine cellar? You can install wine racks or shelving inside the fireplace and display your favorite bottles of wine. It will add a unique element to your decor and keep your wine close at hand for impromptu dinner parties or relaxing evenings at home.

An empty fireplace can be transformed into a unique and functional wine cellar. It is a great choice if you are a wine enthusiast and have a collection that needs to be stored properly. You can install wine racks inside the fireplace and create a temperature-controlled environment for your wine bottles. Many types of wine racks are available, from simple wire racks to more decorative wooden ones, so you can select the one that best fits your style. You can also add a glass door to the front of the fireplace to show off your collection and create a conversation piece in your home.


Plants can also be a great addition to an empty fireplace. Choose plants that thrive in low-light environments, like ferns or snake plants, and use pots that complement the style of your fireplace. It adds a natural and organic element to the room.

Plants are a fantastic way to bring life and color into an empty fireplace. Choose plants that bloom in low-light conditions, such as snake plants or pothos, and arrange them in pots of varying sizes and shapes. It will add texture and visual interest to the space. You can also mix in some flowering plants, such as orchids or African violets, to add color. Hanging plants or vines can also be a great addition, as they can trail down the sides of the fireplace and create a lush, organic feel. Be sure to choose safe indoor plants, as some can be toxic to pets or children. Adding plants to an empty fireplace is an easy and inexpensive way to bring a touch of nature into your home.

Display Space for Art

For a more unexpected approach, consider using the fireplace as a display space for art. Hang a large piece of art inside the fireplace or lean several smaller pieces against the back wall. It adds a gallery-like feel and draws the eye to the fireplace as a centerpiece.

An empty fireplace can provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your art collection or other decorative items. Use the space to create a mini art gallery by displaying a collection of framed paintings or photographs. You can also use the space to showcase sculptural pieces or other three-dimensional art objects. To ensure the display looks balanced, choose items of varying heights and sizes, and consider using a mix of colors and textures. You can curate your display accordingly if you have a specific theme or style, such as abstract art or vintage photography. Additionally, you can use lighting to highlight certain pieces or create a warm ambiance in the room. By incorporating art into your fireplace display, you can add a personalized touch to your space while creating a focal point that is both stylish and visually intriguing.

Fireplace as a Storage Space

Finally, you can also use the empty fireplace as a storage space. Fill it with logs for a rustic look, or use it to store blankets or pillows. It adds both function and style to the room.

If you’re struggling with storage space in your home, an empty fireplace can be a creative solution. Instead of using it as a decorative feature, consider transforming it into a storage space. Depending on the size of the fireplace, it can be an ideal spot for storing logs, magazines, or even firewood. You can install shelves, cabinets, or drawers inside the fireplace to keep things organized and tidy. If you have a large fireplace, you can use it to store seasonal decorations, such as wreaths, garlands, or ornaments. Another option is to use the space to display your collection of antiques, vintage items, or family heirlooms. Just keep the items organized and dust-free, and consider installing lighting to highlight your treasures. Using the fireplace as storage maximizes your space and adds character to your home.


An empty fireplace is an opportunity to get creative with your home decor. From candles and books to plants and art, there are plenty of ways to style your fireplace and turn it into a beautiful focal point in your home. With imagination and carefully chosen pieces, you can transform your empty fireplace into a stylish and inviting space.

Additionally, many home interior design schools online offer hands-on experience through design projects and internships, allowing you to practice your skills and build a portfolio of work that showcases your creativity and expertise.



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